Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Bio-Clean is a complex blend of naturally-occurring elements with extraordinary synergy for re-mediating wastewater.  It affects the environment of wastewater systems, creating a floc so tough that it will floc again and again after shearing, even in re-circulation.  It will not “load-up.”  Complete with five catalysts designed specifically for Bio-Clean, there is no wastewater that cannot be helped by Bio-Clean.

  • Improves settling
  • Settles scum, filamentous bacteria, algae, grease, and foam.
  • Reduces BOD, TSS and SVI
  • Improves DO
  • Reduces Dewatering costs
  • Stabilizes sludge blankets
  • Reduces wash-outs
  • Increases sludge density without packing
  • Natural, safe and efficient

North Georgia Water Treatment Plant BEFORE Bio Chem treatment.

North Georgia Water Treatment Plant AFTER Bio Chem treatment.


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