Case Study

Grease Elimination & Odor Case Study

Tell someone you’ve found an effective “degreaser” and listen to them laugh.  That’s why Bio Chem built E-Z Grease Killer, and later added the Revive biological system to our product line.

We were very serious when we developed E-Z.  We built E-Z to break grease at the molecular level, altering its state and leaving it in a neutral state. We were so sure of its efficacy when we developed it, that we issued a no-nonsense money-back guarantee on the first day.  After 20 years on the market, no one has ever asked for their money back.

Influent wet well in the Atlanta system.

Influent Wet Well in Atlanta System

Immediate reaction with the introduction of E-Z Grease Killer.

30 minutes after application, neutralization occurs.

Following morning.  All grease is gone.


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