Case Study

Grease Elimination & Odor Case Study

Tell someone you’ve found an effective “degreaser” and listen to them laugh.  That’s why Bio Chem built E-Z Grease Killer, and later added the Revive biological system to our product line.

We were very serious when we developed E-Z.  We built E-Z to break grease at the molecular level, altering its state and leaving it in a neutral state. We were so sure of its efficacy when we developed it, that we issued a no-nonsense money-back guarantee on the first day.  After 20 years on the market, no one has ever asked for their money back.

  • Re-coagulates grease and burns out tiny roots, hair, rags and paper
  • Non-carcinogenic, has no toxic fumes, does not blow-back
  • Helps eliminate corrosion in lift stations and collection systems

Influent wet well in the Atlanta system.

Influent Wet Well in Atlanta System

Immediate reaction with the introduction of E-Z Grease Killer.

30 minutes after application, neutralization occurs.

Following morning.  All grease is gone.


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