Case Study

Agricultural Manure Remediation Case Study

In 2016, Bio-Chem Industries led a talented team of researchers to discover and develop a new technology referred to as Degradation, Stabilization and Regeneration.  With this technology, manures are reduced to their most basic state; the gaseous state, leaving nutrient-rich water behind.

With ever-increasing nutrients showing up in soil, and with pathogens, viruses and other dangerous constituents applied onto fields when manure is spread, this technology meets one of the truly pressing concerns of mankind.

Designed specifically for the animal husbandry industries, this technology has applications in all facets of the water industry.

Manure dewatering at the University of Georgia Animal Research Center BEFORE Bio Chem treatment.

AFTER Bio Chem treatment, manure is broken down and clean nutrient-rich water is released.


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