About Bio Chem

Bio-Chem Industries, Incorporated is anchored in research, driven by the determination to leave the world better than we found it, and rewarded with outstanding results. ​

Since our inception, Bio-Chem has been developing unique scientific compositions directed at environmental challenges that traditional chemical approaches have not solved, and in some cases, have made worse. Beginning with our proprietary, natural flocculent called Bio-Clean in 1997, we have gone on to develop other, equally effective technologies that are unmatched, including our patented rare earth composition developed for nutrient removal. Our product line includes waste water treatment products, nutrient-removal products, sludge reduction products, grease remediation products, agricultural remediation products, and soon a natural potable product that will reduce the need for aluminum products while driving costs down.

We have always provided service to our customers, but early in 2016, we added a new Service Division with a mission to provide manpower to our customers where they need help with grease and sludge reduction. This strong commitment is yielding profitable results for our customers as these nagging challenges are attacked by motivated personnel, and effective products and methods that eliminate the challenges.

Our track record is very strong. We take pride in producing the best products in the marketplace, and giving the best service you can find. And, we will consult with you on-sight without charging you a dime.

Our Philosophy

Someone once said, “I can’t see the forest for the trees.” That could be appropriately applied to many industries, leading to stagnation and to increased challenges from old problems.

It can be difficult to stop and ask yourself “why” when you are completely invested in established plans and policies. Perhaps that is why Bio-Chem Industries has been so successful at development of new technologies We are not invested in old ways of doing things.

Our company philosophy is different. We are not just a cold corporate entity. We are families, working together for a common cause. We want to leave the world better than we found it. We want our children and grandchildren to experience clean air, sparkling clean water, and an uncluttered out-of-doors. To this end, we offer safe, natural options whenever possible. That’s not easy, but we believe you will be pleased with the results.

Our Executive Team

Bio Chem is dedicated to the discovery, development and delivery of natural alternatives to the harsh, synthetic products historically used to remediate environmental concerns.