Safe and natural scientific compositions that clean water better than harsh, synthetic chemicals.
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What does clean mean?

Imagine nature as it once was. Imagine water the way it was before pollution spoiled it.  Imagine a company that cares about this. Imagine a company that develops natural scientific compositions that clean water better than harsh, synthetic chemicals. Imagine Bio Chem.


Bio Chem has been developing products for water remediation since 1997. Specializing in natural compositions, we have developed and brought to market the most powerful treatment products available today.


Working with some of the best agricultural scientists and academics in the world, Bio Chem has created proprietary, patented technology that naturally revolutionizes the agricultural landscape.  Waste reduction and water remediation has never been as naturally innovative as it is today through Bio Chem.


Wastewater Treatment Products

Bio-Clean is a complex blend of naturally-occurring elements with extraordinary synergy for re-mediating wastewater.

E-Z Grease Killer

E-Z has been dubbed "The Grease Killer" because it breaks grease down at the molecular level and alters its state, leaving it in a neutral condition.

Revive Grease and Sludge Reduction

The Revive product line is a complete facultative system of mircroorganisms consisting of bacteria and their enzyme systems. It is superior for sludge and grease reduction, as well as ammonia reduction, and odor reduction.

Agricultural Manure Remediation

Bio Chem's new scientific composition that reduces animal manures to their most basic form, the gaseous state, leaving nutrient-rich water behind.


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